Browser Testing

Adapt can create databases for your Duskopen in new window browser tests too, letting you take advantage of its functionality - including the ability to run them when running tests in parallel.


This functionality is new and experimental.

Simply create your Dusk tests like normal, and make these two changes:

  1. Replace Laravel's DatabaseMigrations trait with AdaptDatabase, and
  2. Tell the $browser object to use Adapt by adding $this->useAdapt($browser); before making any requests.
⚙️ See configuration
// tests/Browser/MyDuskTest.php

namespace Tests\Browser;

use App\Models\User;
use CodeDistortion\Adapt\AdaptDatabase;
//use Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\DatabaseMigrations; // not needed
use Laravel\Dusk\Browser;
use Tests\DuskTestCase;

class MyDuskTest extends DuskTestCase
    use AdaptDatabase;
//  use DatabaseMigrations; // not needed

    public function testBasicExample()
        $this->browse(function (Browser $browser) {

            $user = User::factory()->create();
            $browser->loginAs($user)->visit('/')->assertSee("Hello $user->name");




When Dusk tests are run, transaction re-use is turned off automatically.


When browser testing, please make sure your .env.testing session-driver isn't set to "array". e.g.

# .env.testing



If your project doesn't have a database, you can still use perform browser testing in parallel. Just tell Adapt to not build databases.

Browser Tests as a Test Suite

Running your Dusk tests with php artisan dusk might work. However, if you do, Laravel goes through the process of copying .env.dusk.local over .env, which is now unnecessary. It also takes control of your local environment for the duration of the test-run.

Instead, turn your browser tests into a normal PHPUnit test suiteopen in new window by adding the ./test/Browser directory to your phpunit.xml file.

// phpunit.xml
<testsuites><testsuite name="Browser">
        <directory suffix="Test.php">./tests/Browser</directory>

Then you'll be able to run your tests like normal. Your browser tests will now be included in the run.

Your config settings (from .env.testing) are now used, and your .env.dusk.local file is ignored.